The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 57.1

Chapter 57 Part 1

The next morning, Shiyi didn’t get up again to eat breakfast. Yang Shifeng coaxed her for a long time, but he still couldn’t persuade Shiyi to get up. In the end, he didn’t force her. She threw up last night, also exhausted, so he let her sleep a little longer.

But in the end, Yang Shifeng couldn’t feel at easeYang Shifeng put everything in his hands and sat on the side of the bed to guard her. Seeing her sleeping well could only make Yang Shifeng feel at ease. He stayed by Shiyi’s side until noon and then coaxed her again to eat.

Shiyi also knew that Yang Shifeng would be more worried if she continued to sleep, so she got up and asked Yang Shifeng to prepare for the New Year while she sat in the main room, and with a pen in her hand, she started to draw. This was the blueprint of the school she was going to build.

She is going to build three classrooms, each with 20 tables. The three classrooms are for children in three age groups. After all, not all children can be put in one room. In the future, they will be separated into different grades based on the depth of their knowledge. Aside from that, the topics that should be taught to them will be different, so, the classrooms for each grade should be different.

In addition to the three classrooms, they need to build a house in the backyard, so the Masters (teachers) can live there. Shiyi also planned to build a dormitory for students who lived far away. With this, the students could live in the dormitory if they wanted to.

Finally, it is necessary to build a small canteen with tables and chairs. Children can eat in the canteen. They can either buy food in the canteen or bring their own food. When it’s time to eat their meal, they can go to the canteen to heat up the food they brought.

It took Shiyi three days to finish the blueprint according to her own ideas. By this time, New Year’s Eve had arrived.

Shiyi rarely woke up early, she got up with Yang Shifeng at dawn, put on the new clothes bought by Yang Shifeng, and experienced the so-called Chinese New Year in this world for the first time.

Xiao Shitou also put on his new clothes. He also wore a small cap on his head. His face was plump after being raised well by the Yang family during this period. The meat on his face was very cute. It was the first time the little boy had gotten to wear new beautiful clothes, so he could not help himself from being excited. From time to time, he would look down at his new clothes. Xiao Shitou was afraid of soiling his new clothes, so when he was eating his food, he was very careful. Shiyi felt amused by Xiao Shitou’s actions and couldn’t help but pinch his little face.

At this time, there was a knock at the door. Shiyi looked out and saw that there were many children, each with a cloth bag on their back. They were standing at the door— nervous and hopeful. When they saw Shiyi looking at them, they immediately shouted in unison, “Happy New Year!” After shouting, they all looked at Shiyi with eagerness.

Shiyi blinked and did not understand what was going on, but the children did not respond to Shiyi. They looked at each other for a while but still did not leave. They shouted again: “Happy New Year!” with more anticipation in their eyes.

Shiyi realized that there must be some customs. She didn’t know, so she looked into the kitchen and wanted to ask Yang Shifeng, what was going on? However, Xiao Shitou took the lead in holding her hand and said, “Sister, I know what they are doing. They are asking for candy for the New Year. “


Xiao Shitou nodded. “Children can go to someone else’s house to ask for candy in the new year. They can ask for candy by saying ‘Happy New Year’.” In the past, Xiao Shitou’s stepmother would make a cloth bag for Xiao Huzi to use for sending New Year’s greetings to every house in the village. After going out for a long time, Xiao Huzi would come back with a lot of candies in his cloth bag. At that time, he was envious. Unfortunately, her stepmother wouldn’t let him go out and only let him work at home.

“Oh, so that’s the reason.” Shiyi understood, so she immediately went to the back of the counter and took out a big handful of candies. She went to the front door and said to the little peas standing in front of her house, “Happy New Year, too.” Then she distributed all the candies in her hand, and each of them received a lot.

The children’s eyes lit up when they saw so many sweets. Although every family had to give the children something to celebrate the new year, most people just gave them the worst candies. Some people didn’t even have candy, so they gave them a few melon seeds. No one is as generous as Shiyi, giving so many and even good candies, which makes the children more excited. Therefore, the children thanked Shiyi one by one, and then hurried to the next house.

Xiao Shitou stared at the children who were running away in excitement.

Shiyi saw this and patted him on the head. “Do you also want to give a new year’s greeting?”

Xiao Shitou raised his head and nodded shyly. He also wanted to go.

Shiyi smiled at Xiao Shitou and took a cloth bag that was used to keep the money. She took out the money and hung the empty cloth bag on Xiao Shitou. “OK, go, but don’t run too far. Remember to come back before mealtime. “

Xiao Shitou excitedly touched his cloth bag, opened his mouth, and smiled, “it’s very kind of you, sister. I’ll be back soon. I will give you a lot of sweets when I come back.” With that, he ran out of the door with his short legs. Shiyi could faintly hear him shouting, “Wait for me.”

Shiyi thinks that the days here are really fun, warm, and interesting. It is much better than her life in the other world. Now she rarely thinks of her previous life in the end times, and her character has become more and more different from her original character. She has found that her character is slowly becoming peaceful, and even gentle.

Was it really true that the environment changes character? However, she doesn’t think there’s something wrong with her changes. Now, she is very happy.

Shiyi walked into the kitchen with a smile. Yang Shifeng was preparing today’s New Year’s Eve dinner, and Grandpa Yang was burning fire. Shiyi went to the bottom of the stove and said, “Grandpa, go and have a rest. I’ll light a fire. “

Grandpa Yang immediately waved his hand, “No. Grandpa will do it by himself. Sit and eat by yourself, or go and play backgammon with Xiao Shitou.”

“Xiao Shitou just went out to pay New Year’s greeting with other children.”

“That’s good. Then, you can sit next to me.”

Grandpa Yang dared not let Shiyi touch the stove. He still remembers that Shiyi almost burned the kitchen. It would be unlucky if the kitchen burned down during the New Year.

Shiyi also saw that Grandpa Yang was really worried about her burning the fire. She could only touch her nose and sit down at the small table in the kitchen.

Yang Shifeng raised the corners of his lips in delight, fearing that she would become bored, so he introduced the dishes for today to Shiyi. “The dishes I will cook today are guaranteed to be your favorites, including roasted chicken with potatoes, sweet and sour fish, steamed pork with noodles, stir-fried pork, dumpings, and mutton soup They are all your favorites. You should eat a little more today. “

These dishes, made by Yang Shifeng, are indeed Shiyi’s favorites. In the past, Shiyi’s eyes would shine every time he made them. She would eat them with oil all over her mouth. However, for some reason, Shiyi stopped eating a lot, so she became thinner. Yang Shifeng was concerned and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to cook all of her favorite foods. There would always be something she liked and could eat more of today’s dishes.

Shiyi also knew that these were prepared for her. She didn’t want to worry him anymore. She wanted to eat more today anyway. But somehow, just hearing the names of these things, she began to feel sick and her stomach began to ache faintly.

Shiyi was so nervous that she tried to suppress her facial expression, making herself look like she was acting as usual. She stood up and said, “The oil smoke is too big. I’m choked by the smoke. I’ll go out and play for a while. “

Yang Shifeng did not doubt what Shiyi said. He smiled indulgently, “OK, go out and play for a while. If you are hungry, you can eat some snacks to cushion your stomach, but don’t eat too much, otherwise, you won’t be able to eat later. “

Shiyi replied with a smile, “I know.”

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