The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 57.2

Chapter 57 Part 2

After coming out of the kitchen, Shiyi immediately covered her stomach, endured the pain, and walked quickly to the room. She closed the door of the room, took out her own silver needle, quickly pricked several acupoints, and swallowed a pill made by herself. It was much better, but she was weak, so she had to lean weakly on the bed, waiting for her strength to recover again.

However, at this time, the knock on the door suddenly sounded, and Yang Shifeng cried out anxiously: “Shiyi, what are you doing inside? Why did you lock the door? “

Shiyi was startled. She immediately collected the pills and silver needles, patted her face, made her complexion return to normal, and recalled the same smile as usual. She went to open the door and said, “What are you doing? Aren’t you cooking? “

Yang Shifeng frowned and glanced at Shiyi. “Shiyi, what’s wrong with you? You can’t hide something from me. “

Shiyi punched him lightly, “What are you thinking? I can’t hide anything from you. I just got up early in the morning. I’m a little sleepy now. I think it’s still early to eat. I’ll go to bed first. Why do you think that there’s something wrong with me? “

Yang Shifeng couldn’t see anything wrong with Shiyi’s words, but he felt uneasy. He didn’t know where this feeling came from.

Shiyi pushed Yang Shifeng, “Why don’t you go and cook? Why did you come to the room? I want to sleep for a while. Don’t disturb me. ” With that, Shiyi went to bed, opened the quilt, and lay in it.

Yang Shifeng pursed his lips and turned around to go out of the room. However, the next second, he suddenly turned around and walked quickly to the bedside. When Shiyi didn’t react, he took away her clothes. At a glance, he saw that the white skin was obviously pierced with needles.

Yang Shifeng’s eyes sank immediately, and he looked at Shiyi in horror, “Why did you do this? Why do you need to use your needle? “

Shiyi didn’t expect that Yang Shifeng would be so alert and find out. She pursed her lips and thought about how to make her lies consistent with what she had said previously. However, before she could think of anything, Yang Shifeng held her shoulders with both of his hands. As if knowing what Shiyi was thinking, he said: “Shiyi, don’t lie to me. I am the one who was always by your side, and I can sense your changes. You must have something that you want to hide from me, right? Is there something wrong with your body? Are you sick? Tell me quickly! “

Shiyi felt Yang Shifeng’s hand shaking on her shoulder. He was afraid. It was her concealment that made him worried. She thought Yang Shifeng didn’t notice anything. She thought she covered it up very well. In fact, he still felt it.

Shiyi suddenly couldn’t bear to lie to him again. She couldn’t bear to make him feel this way.

Shiyi threw himself into Yang Shifeng’s arms, held his neck tightly, and said in a low voice, “Yang Shifeng, don’t worry. I’m not sick.”

“Why do you need an injection if you’re not sick? Why do you have no appetite and still lose so much weight if you’re not sick? Don’t lie to me, Shiyi.”

Shiyi sighed, looked up, and kissed Yang Shifeng’s lips to comfort him. “I’m really not sick, but something happened in my body and I wasn’t able to stabilize it for a while. That’s why I don’t want you to know. I was planning to tell you when I stabilized my body. Who knows you’ll find it out yourself? “

Yang Shifeng didn’t understand what Shiyi was saying at all. He only understood the sentence “Something happened to my body”. Doesn’t it mean that there’s something wrong with her body? And she said she was not sick?!

“Shiyi, what’s going on? Just tell me! “

Yang Shifeng’s chest, “OK, OK, I’ll tell you, but you must promise me not to panic. You have to be calm, do you understand? “

Yang Shifeng couldn’t calm down now. He was so panicking, but he still tried his best to nod his head calmly, “Okay, I’m not panicking. Tell me.”

Shiyi looked at him for a moment before she said, “I’m pregnant.”

Yang Shifeng was stunned. He looked at Shiyi without blinking. He even forgot to breathe.

Shiyi hurriedly pinched him hard. The pain made Yang Shifeng finally recover, but he was even stupider than before, “You…you are…pregnant?”

Shiyi nodded.

Yang Shifeng swallowed his saliva vigorously, looked at Shiyi’s stomach, covered Shiyi’s stomach with his big hand, and felt the temperature inside. ‘Does this stomach already have his and Shiyi’s child?’

Shiyi sighed at his stupidity. See? She knew that he would react like this. He must be so excited that he couldn’t distinguish the difference between north and south, and he was so stupid that he became confused and disoriented.

He cares too much about children, so she doesn’t want to tell him so early.

Yang Shifeng stroked Shiyi’s stomach with his big palm for a long time, and his mind broke free from the whirlpool of excitement. He remembered what he was going to ask, and immediately lifted Shiyi up carefully and asked nervously: “Since you’re pregnant, why didn’t you tell me? Why do you need to use your needle? Is there something wrong with the child? “

Shiyi also touched her stomach and said honestly, “There is a problem.”

Seeing that Yang Shifeng’s face changed immediately, she hurriedly comforted him and said, “But I will cure it. It will be fine, so don’t worry. “

“What the hell is going on?”

“My uterus, that is, the place where I conceive a child is a little different from ordinary people’s. It is not easy for me to conceive a child. I always thought that I could not conceive a child for a few years now. I also wanted to treat myself slowly in the future. I didn’t know that the child would come so soon. My body was not ready to conceive a child. It would be very unstable. So, I didn’t tell you. I was afraid you would be happy in vain. “

Shiyi’s body has been transformed. She is excellent in other aspects, but there must be some defects. Her defect lies in her uterus. According to the facts, her uterus can’t conceive. She knows this, but she didn’t care about it before. Shiyi never thought about getting married and having children. Shiyi always thought she would grow old alone. How could she know that she would fall in love with Yang Shifeng and marry him?

Shiyi thought that she would not be pregnant for the time being. She also thought that if Yang Shifeng liked children very much, she would try her best to cure herself and conceive a child. However, she didn’t know that man’s plan was not as good as God’s plan. She was pregnant just after she got married. The child came so suddenly that Shiyi became stunned for a while.

However, her physical condition was not suitable for pregnancy at all, and the arrival of the child caused a great reaction in her body. Not only is she weak, sleepy, and hungry, but also her stomach often hurts. The child is not stable in her stomach and may fall off at any time.

Originally, Shiyi didn’t have any affection for children, nor did she have such a strong desire to want children, but for some reason, when she really had one in her stomach, she suddenly felt his presence for real, He was like a part of her life, indispensable. She developed feelings for her child at once and finally understood what the phrase “blood is thicker than water” means. She was reluctant to give up this little guy. She wanted to bring him to this beautiful world. Therefore, she wanted to try her best to keep him.

However, Shiyi didn’t want to tell Yang Shifeng when she was not 100% sure that she would be able to keep the little guy. Telling him would only make him worried and panicky. Maybe his joys would be wasted in the end, so she chose to hide it.

Yang Shifeng knows everything now. It turns out that the child in Shiyi’s stomach was still unstable. Shiyi is afraid that he will be disappointed, so he chooses to hide it and secretly recuperate to keep the child.

Yang Shifeng’s eyes turned red all of a sudden. He was distressed and angry, “How could you not tell me and bear it alone? I am his father, and your husband, but I don’t know that you are suffering all alone. Do you know how cruel this is to me? “

Shiyi looked down. “I’m sorry.”

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