The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Su Xiaoxiao sighed. Matchmaker Xu must have a hole in her brain. At such an old age, isn’t it clear what to say and what not to say?

Although it is the original owner’s pot, she can only carry it. Su Xiaoxiao nodded, “If you die once, your reputation is not good. If you mind…”

“I don’t mind.” Han Cheng shook his head and interrupted her, “Don’t be so silly in the future.”

In fact, Han Cheng was relieved. His first reaction was that it was no wonder her skin was so white. She didn’t like to work in the field and thought that such a good female comrade was willing to go on a blind date with him, a widow with two children. He was always a little insecure, but now he is more at ease.

Su Xiaoxiao: “…” She’s not stupid. It’s the original owner who’s stupid, okay? Anyway, I can’t explain my situation.

She looked at some buns on the table, pointed to them, and asked Han Cheng, “Can I take one home for my mother to taste?”

Li Yufeng was very kind to her. Su Xiaoxiao thought of Li Yufeng first when she found something good…

Han Cheng nodded slightly: “Yes.”

Matchmaker Xu still didn’t give up. She felt like the cooked duck was about to fly, Su Xiaoxiao was originally brought by her to fill the spot. Anyway, she was determined to win this business, but Han Cheng really fell in love with Su Xiaoxiao. However, she was still unwilling. After all, the Su family’s parents were not satisfied, and she didn’t know whether the woman’s family would give the matchmaker a red envelope.

Widow Liu is famous for her coquetry. Which man in the village doesn’t like it? Who doesn’t look at her more? Besides, she can work and come to work. If her eyes were not high and she was unwilling to marry in the countryside, all the young men in Sujia Village would line up to marry her. How could Han Cheng fall in love with the soft and weak Su Xiaoxiao? Are you going to marry her and raise her as a young lady? Does he still have to do housework after work?

“Comrade Han, let me remind you that Su Xiaoxiao has two brothers and two sisters-in-law. The whole family dotes on her, especially her mother, who has never been allowed to do any work since childhood. Do you really think she is appropriate?”

Su Xiaoxiao is so good-tempered that the Matchmaker Xu has made her lose her temper.

“Aunt Xu, my mother asked me to study hard before she let me work in the field. Later, my two nephews were raised by me. I just don’t know how to work in the field. How can you say I am not doing anything at all? Do you squat at my door and stare at me every day? Isn’t cooking, sweeping the floor, feeding chickens, and taking care of children counted as work?”

According to the memory of the original owner, Su Xiaoxiao doesn’t work in the field. That’s because she takes care of the two nephews at home, and also takes them to read and write. She does a lot of work at home. She also cooks in turn with her mother and sister-in-law. How can they say that housework is not “work”? This is just like complaining that full-time mothers in the 21st century have no contribution to their families.

Matchmaker Xu scoffed at her, “What kind of work is that? Which woman in our Su Village doesn’t do this after work?”

Han Cheng didn’t want to say more here. He replied, “My family has no land, so I don’t need to farm. It’s okay, as long as she knows how to cook and take care of the children. Comrade Su is very suitable. “

Matchmaker Xu had to shut her mouth. What else could she say?

(T/N: Yes, please shut up!)

When Widow Liu heard this, she could only stare at Su Xiaoxiao and walked away in anger.

Han Cheng directly took the Great Unity banknote out (10 yuan) and gave it to matchmaker Xu: “Aunt Xu, I don’t know the marriage process of Sujia Village, and I will bother you when the time comes.” 

Matchmaker Xu stretched out her hand and said, “No trouble, no trouble.” Her hand was shaking.

This Great Unity banknote. She has been a matchmaker for so many years, and it is the first time that she has received such a heavy thank-you gift. Comrade Han is too rich!

In the Sujia Village, giving 1 yuan is considered good enough already. Han Cheng has promised to give her five yuan, otherwise, matchmaker Xu will not be determined to make this blind date successful, and even female comrades with suitable conditions in Wujia Village will not be spared.

This is two yuan more than the three yuan promised by Widow Liu. It seems that Comrade Han is beyond satisfied with Su Xiaoxiao. 

The only complaint of matchmaker Xu is gone, and now, you can’t see her eyes without her teeth:

“Don’t worry, Comrade Han. I’ll discuss it with Xiaoxiao’s parents. Her parents are open-minded people. Otherwise, they can’t teach such a good girl like Xiaoxiao. Then I’ll go to Su’s to say hello first. “

Su Xiaoxiao’s mouth twitched. ‘Matchmaker Xu is really flexible and can take advantage of the situation. She could adapt and do things well after assessing the situation. Her ability to talk nonsense, she could only sigh in admiration, gaze at the ocean and lament her inadequacy. [1]to feel powerless and incompetent.

Han Cheng nodded: “I’ll trouble you.”

Matchmaker Xu: “No trouble, no trouble. I will help you say a few good words to make a good impression. Don’t worry. Then Xiaoxiao, can you talk to Comrade Han again?”

Before Matchmaker Xu left, she took a meat bun from the table.

Su Xiaoxiao was really speechless.

From another perspective, the small townspeople of this era are really vivid.

Han Cheng also got up and went to buy meat buns.

Soon, Su Xiaoxiao saw him come back with a lunch box.

‘He can even borrow a lunch box from the waiter. I don’t know how he was able to get one, maybe it was because of his face or because of his military uniform.’

“Here you are.” Han Cheng handed it to Su Xiaoxiao.


For me?

Han Cheng stuffed the lunch box into Su Xiaoxiao’s arms.

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head repeatedly: “No, no, I’ll just give one to my mother.”

“Give it to your nephew.” Han Cheng said.

Su Xiaoxiao was too lazy to delay even further and accepted his kind gesture. 

He is really as handsome as he looks. 

Li Yufeng, who loves her, only gave her two yuan when she went out on a blind date. The red envelope he gave to matchmaker Xu is 10 yuan, and the meat buns he bought are eight in total. This is real wealth.

If I follow him in the future, I won’t starve, right?

Su Xiaoxiao thought for a moment and asked him, “Are the children with you right now?”

Whenever someone mentioned his sons, Han Cheng could not help frowning and shaking his head: “In the city.”

Su Xiaoxiao: “Well, when can I see them?”

Su Xiaoxiao also wants to see the cute cubs early to see if they can get along with each other.

“After our marriage certificate and wedding are done, we’ll pick them up when we leave the town. Let’s go to the market to buy all of the necessary things. In the afternoon, I’ll visit your parents and discuss the details of our marriage.” Han Cheng spoke well, surprisingly.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at him in disbelief and thought that she may have to readjust to the wedding process of this era.

Is this the flow of marriage, right? Getting married right away after the blind date?

Okay, this is not an era suitable for romance. Love is a luxury in any era.

Let alone this life, even Su Xiaoxiao did not expect love in her previous life. 

He was eager to marry a wife to take care of his children. 

I wanted to stop those villagers’ gossip and leave the countryside.

It was also a mutually beneficial marriage.

For the time being, he is good and looks pleasing to the eye. As for others, let’s talk about them later.

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1 to feel powerless and incompetent.


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    Lol, Matchmaker Xu really isn’t flexible. They are obviously happy with the match and she still has to disgust them.
    Firstly, if the match is successful then why would either side feel like giving big red envelopes in this situation?
    Secondly, even if you convince the man the match is not suitable, chances are he won’t have a better impression of the matchmaker and will find another.
    With literally nothing to gain except venting some resentment, and plenty to lose. All I can say is, really shortsighted. 🙂

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