The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s)
The Sweet Stepmother and her Cute Cubs (70s) Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6 Part 1

Han Cheng only had a few considerations in choosing his bride. Number One, she must accept his sons. She must be presentable. She must not have any major flaws in her character and know how to take care of his two sons.

Han Cheng felt that if Liu Shuixian became his sons’ stepmother and was the one to take care of them, she wouldn’t be that much better than his sons’ biological mom. On the other hand, Su Xiaoxiao’s clean and gentle temperament is most suitable for taking care of children. Besides, she is also beautiful. In fact, he feels that he found a treasure. 

The next obstacle he had to face was Su Xiaoxiao’s parents…

The two people went to the market to buy a lot of candy and cookies as a gift for Su Xiaoxiao’s family. 

On the way back to Sujia Village, the two walked two meters away from each other and didn’t talk much. 

When they met the villagers on the way, the villagers would tease the two. “Hey, Xiaoxiao, was the blind date successful?”

Su Xiaoxiao just walked past them without feeling embarrassed. Why would she feel embarrassed when she had already bought a bunch of white rabbit milk candies using Han Cheng’s money in the market?

Su Xiaoxiao took out candy from her pocket and ate it as she watched the scenery. 

‘How comfortable is this?’

Su Xiaoxiao took a glance at Han Cheng’s side. 

She knows that Han Cheng is a tall man. But after comparing the two shadows on the ground, one big and one small, she found out that Han Cheng may be taller than she thought.

“Han Cheng, how tall are you?” Su Xiaoxiao asked on a whim.

Han Cheng stopped suddenly and turned around. 

Su Xiaoxiao, who couldn’t stop her feet on time, crashed into Han Cheng.

She touched the tip of her nose and walked to his side.

“1.85 meters.” 

Su Xiaoxiao, who had never reached 1.6 meters even in her two lives, admitted that he was much taller than her and she was indeed jealous of Han Cheng’s height. 

“No wonder he looked as tall as a poplar tree.’

Han Cheng’s eyes lowered and he saw Su Xiaoxiao, who was pouting. He guessed that she should be no more than 1.6 meters, so he didn’t ask her about her height. He turned and walked on.

When the two unfamiliar couples arrived at the Su family’s house, the adults had not yet finished their work, only the six-year-old nephew, Xiaobao, who came back early with a bag of earthworms in his hand, was at home. 

When Xiao Bao saw his Auntie, he shouted “Auntie!” loudly as he ran to his Auntie Xiaoxiao

Han Cheng looked at the yard. 

The yard of the Su family was very wide. Although it was a mud-brick house, the whole place was neatly arranged. The ground was also clean. There was no chicken excrement or vegetable leaves lying on the ground. It could be seen that the hostess of the family was diligent.

Su Xiaoxiao asked Han Cheng to sit down, and Xiao Bao rushed in like a small cannon.

The little guy also said loudly, “How are you, Auntie? Is this my uncle? Everyone is saying that my aunt is going to be a stepmother to others. Is it true?”

There is no privacy and no entertainment in the village. 

Any big events can become a topic for the villagers to talk about after meals, and after a while, everyone will know everything. 

Six-year-old children couldn’t understand everything that the adults were discussing last night. So, today, when they went to school, Xiao Bao’s classmates surrounded him and asked him a lot of questions. 

What can a little kid know?

Han Cheng glanced casually at the little boy, who was not much older than his eldest son and was enlightened. The little guy is tanned but sturdy. His eyes were beaming…. 

When he thought about his son again, he was so depressed that he didn’t want to speak. 

Su Xiaoxiao squatted down and pinched the little boy’s face: “The duty of a child is to study hard and grow up well. Don’t be nosy. Hurry up and feed your little hen. Whether or not we can pick an egg tomorrow, all depends on your hard work. “

Xiao Bao glanced at Han Cheng with his head tilted. 

He was probably shocked by Han Cheng’s military uniform. Xiao Bao opened his eyes wide and looked at him from up and down, then turned around and muttered, “Hmm, this uncle is quite stylish.”

Then he gave his schoolbag to Su Xiaoxiao and took the earthworms he had dug on the road to feed his little hen.

Su Xiaoxiao shouted from behind: “After you’re done feeding your chickens, come back and eat steamed meat buns.”

The little guy’s eyes sparkled. He wanted to run back to his aunt’s side, but when Xiao Bao looked at the earthworms in his hands, he was entangled. He didn’t know what to choose, feed his chickens, or feed his tummy.

Seeing Han Cheng staring at Xiaobao, Su Xiaoxiao explained, “My second brother’s son, Xiaobao, is six years old and has just started going to school. Is your son about his age?”

Su Xiaoxiao wanted to ask more about Han Cheng’s son, but unfortunately, before she could get to know more about Han Cheng, her parents, her second brother, and her sister-in-law came back together, as if they had already planned to go back at the same time. 

Her whole family stared at Han Cheng when they came in.

Zhang Chunying, Su Xiaoxiao’s second sister-in-law, gasped, “Is this, my brother-in-law? Isn’t he too handsome?”

Li Yufeng pulled Zhang Chunying’s arm and said, “Not even one stroke drawn from the ten strokes! [1]things have not even begun to take shape What nonsense are you talking about? Go ahead and cook. “

Zhang Chunying pouted and said, “Today is Xiaoxiao’s turn to cook.”

Su Xiaoxiao walked over and said, “Father, mother, second brother, and sister-in-law, let me introduce you to Han Cheng.”

Then she began to introduce Han Cheng to all of the members of her family.

Han Cheng said hello politely.

After feeding the little hen, the little steel cannon rushed in: “Auntie, where are the meat buns?

Su Xiaoxiao took out a lunch box from the things brought by Han Cheng and handed it to Xiao Bao. “You can eat one, and the rest will be given to grandma and the others. “

The little guy nodded, took a meat bun, and put it aside. 

After carefully counting the buns, he began to count the number of people inside the room. After counting, his eyes lit up again, and he began to distribute the buns: “One for Xiaobao, one for Grandpa, another one for Grandma, half for my father, half for my mother, half for my uncle, and a half for my aunt!”

Xiao Bao immediately allocated a total of five big steamed buns.

Su Xiaoxiao rubbed his head and said with a smile, “Auntie and Comrade Han have eaten, one for each of you.”

Li Yufeng was still waiting to talk to Han Cheng about the marriage. So, she asked her son to take the troublesome grandson out to play. 

Xiao Bao held a big meat bun in his hand, bit into it himself, and fed his father a bite.

Han Cheng thought that the Su family really could teach children well. They are smart and aren’t greedy about food. Su Xiaoxiao said that she raised her two nephews at home. Maybe her parents taught her well, and the children she taught were not bad as well.

Han Cheng began to look forward to this marriage, wondering whether his sons could be taught by Su Xiaoxiao like this.

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1 things have not even begun to take shape


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